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How it works

We Offer Multiple Advertising Services That Bring Visitors to Your Website

We Share Our Profits With Those Who Surf In Our Traffic Exchange

You begin advertising by simply purchasing either a directory listing for $45 or text ad pack for $10. There are multiple other services, but these are the only 2 services which enable you to receive revenues as reward for surfing ads. Your directory listing will appear on the top of the directory listing page until someone else bumps their listing back to the top.
Directory Listing Ad PacksText Ad Mini Ad Packs
Service:Directory Listing, 1000 VisitorsText Ads, 200,000 Views
Share Up To:$56.25$12.50
Active Positions:UnlimitedUnlimited

Amount rewarded daily will vary, and is only from actual sales revenues received. There is no set daily amount awarded. This is not an investment, nor security. Amounts received are only disbursed to members who have clicked ads in the traffic exchange for up to 24 hours and continue to be disbursed up to the maximum only when member clicks ads.

After purchase of your directory listing or text ad pack:

1. Click 25 Traffic Exchange Ads Daily
2. Receive Cash (not credits!)
3. Surf More To Earn More Website Visitors (2:1 Surf Ratio)

Purchasing a Directory Listing or Text Ad Pack is Not Required Before Using Our Other Services

VIP members get 1:1 Surf Ratio and Only Click 10 Ads Daily

What's in it for you to meet the minimum daily ad click requirements?
  • Traffic to Your Website For 24 Hours Up to the # of Assigned Credits
  • Share of Site Revenues For 24 Hours Up to Your Maximum

Cash Received Is REAL Share In ALL Site Sales Revenues!

This Is a Fantastic Source of Targeted Traffic !

No Referring Required To Share In Revenues

Click The Treasure Chest To Earn Even More!

We Share Revenues From Member Purchases of the Following Services:
  • Directory Listings & Website Traffic
  • Featured Text Ad Pack Mini
  • Traffic Exchange Credits
  • Done For You Traffic
  • Forum Topics
  • 728x90 LeaderBoard Ads
  • PPC Banner Advertising
  • Treasure Chest Ads
  • VIP Membership (Surf Only 10 Ads, Then 1:1 Surf Ratio)

What is PPC Banner advertising?
With this you're not charged when your ad is displayed, but only when someone clicks on your ad to go to your website. In other words, you only pay when your advertising works.

- Price is $0.25 per click for world wide targeting, or $0.50 with country targeting.
- 468x60 pixel banners have $10.00 minimum budget for campaigns
- 125x125 pixel banners have $25.00 minimum budget for campaigns
- 728x90 pixel banners have $100.00 minimum budget for campaigns

What is a Treasure Chest Ad?
With this you simply select how many visitors you want and the minimum amount of time they'll remain on your site. Visitors are delivered FAST from members surfing the treasure chest ad within the member area.

Visitor remains on site for 5 seconds
- 2500 visitors for $5.00
- 5000 visitors for $9.00
- 10000 visitors for $16.00
- 25000 visitors for $38.00
- 50000 visitors for $70.00
- 100000 visitors for $130.00

Visitor remains on site for 15 seconds
- 500 visitors for $5.00
- 1000 visitors for $9.00
- 2000 visitors for $16.00
- 5000 visitors for $36.00
- 10000 visitors for $68.00
Visitor remains on site for 30 seconds
- 250 visitors for $5.00
- 500 visitors for $10.00
- 1000 visitors for $16.00
- 2000 visitors for $32.00
- 5000 visitors for $77.00
- 10000 visitors for $150.00
Visitor remains on site for 60 seconds
- 250 visitors for $10.00
- 500 visitors for $18.00
- 1000 visitors for $32.00
- 2000 visitors for $56.00
- 5000 visitors for $130.00
- 10000 visitors for $240.00

What is Done For You Traffic?
This will send you visitors from people who are NOT members of AdHitProfits. You can promote your AdHitProfits referral link, lead capture pages, website, or anything else you're involved with.

- 2500 visitors for $5.00
- 5000 visitors for $9.00
- 10000 visitors for $16.00
- 25000 visitors for $38.00
- 50000 visitors for $70.00
- 100000 visitors for $130.00
- 200000 visitors for $250.00
- 500000 visitors for $600.00

What Are Traffic Exchange Credits?
Each credit is worth a visitor to your website. Each visitor is a proven buyer. You can purchase additional credits for your directory listing to receive of more visitors without having to bump your listing. This costs less than a directory listing bump.

Visitors remain on a website for 5 seconds
- 1000 visitor credits $5.95
- 2500 visitor credits $13.95
- 5000 visitor credits $27.95
- 7000 visitor credits $37.95
- 10000 visitor credits $49.95

What Is VIP Membership?
This reduces the minimum number of ads you view in order to receive a share in site revenues to 10 ads. After completing 10 ads, your surf ratio is 1 site visitor credit for every 1 site you view (regular members receive 1/2 credit for every 1 site they view). You'll be able to post topics in the forum, and you also receive a VIP Member Badge on your profile picture.

- Get more referrals to AdHitProfits
- Get YOUR website seen by more people
- Drive more targeted traffic to your many sites all at once
- Display your websites in emails "cloaked" keeping your page hidden
- Send website visitors to many websites using a single web link

- Click Statistics each day, showing you the number of clicks your link received
- Country Statistics, showing you the number of clicks from each country
- Referring URL Statistics, showing you which websites the clicks came from
- Share Links On Twitter, PTC Sites, Traffic Exchanges, Safelists, Email, and MORE !
- Get More Referral Commissions

Forum topics and banner ads sold separately. Purchasing a directory listing is the only way to purchase revenue shares and website traffic. With more sales revenue than shares being purchased, this provides you a stable and long term revenue share as these services are in high demand in today's market. The revenue to share ratio remains in a good position as you share in the purchase of ALL services.

  • This is a traffic exchange with a TON of advertising services to drive MASSIVE traffic to your websites, and above all that we also share revenues with you each time you CLICK ADS IN THE TRAFFIC EXCHANGE towards your share positions.

10% Referral Commission On EVERY Purchase !!
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