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Hi from London, England, UK

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Hi from London, England, UK

by melvin1uk 10 Jun 2013 18:53

Hi Ad Hit Profit members!

My name is Melvin San Miguel...I joined Adhitprofits on 22nd May \'13 with just ONE share. I am currently in my FINAL year of University/College studying my BA (Hons) in Business and I plan to continue making more money on-line and teaching others how to do the same.

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Re: Hi from London, England, UK

10 Jun 2013 19:01
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sounds awesome and welcome aboard from over there in the UK

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Re: Hi from London, England, UK

12 Jun 2013 15:45
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Welcome aboard AD HIT PROFITS FORUM.
The soon-to-be BEST forum in the planet.

Please share the forum link with your friends
and co-workers and invite them to witness
what is going on and how they can change their
financial future. Gain financial and time freedom.

Here is the forum link:


Cut and paste it to a notepad and include it to
your email to friends and prospects

........also include your AD HIT PROFITS referral URL

Get those downlines under you and earn 10%
for every share that they purchase!

Rafael Cruz (ezway2cash)

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